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I have seen quite a few computer mice in the years of doing product reviews.  They are one of those "needed" products that people either get stupid excited over or really couldn't give a crap.  Thing is, the mouse is still one of the primary devices for interacting with a PC and arguably one of the most important components of a proper gaming rig.  So, while there are zealots out there I'm not sure they would find an ambidextrous wireless mouse with a PixArt PAW3396 sensor all that interesting.

Unless they are left handed wink smile

The ambidextrous ML903 is among the first mice debuting Huawei's NearLink technology. In addition, it comes with wired 8000 Hz and wireless 4000 Hz polling, PixArt's PAW3395 sensor, Kailh main button switches, and a 600 mAh battery, all wrapped into a 68 g package.

It seems that this mouse is also one of them "light" mice that could blow away at the slightest sneeze from across the room.

Thing is, I have a hard time thinking a mouse you can buy off of Aliexpress can be all that good.

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