Tech News

  • Computer Camps

    Published: Friday, August 11, 2000 | By: Dennis

    I saw this post while checking up on my stock. (online stock quotes are cool) Anyhow it talks about summer camps where the kids sit at computers all day and learn how to build webpages and even build robots.

    I got a kick out of the outside opinion section here is a quote (out of context) "How important is learning computer programming for a 7-year-old?". Now ask yourself, How important was learning to play the piano?, and of those people that actually enjoyed playing are making money doing it??

    Check out the post its pretty cool, wish I had a camp like that when I was a kid.

  • Multi Monitor Gaming

    Published: Sunday, August 6, 2000 | By: Dennis

    I've been thinking about my next project and if I can pull it off it will be cool. In doing some research for it I came across this link. Take a look and maybe you can figure out what what the project will be.

  • Info on Id's next game

    Published: Sunday, August 6, 2000 | By: Dennis

    John Carmack spoke at the recent QuakeCon2000 and mentioned some things about the Next Doom game. Though the game has been yet unnamed it has been made clear by Carmack that it will be a single player game with the multi player features taking a back seat. Check out the link.

  • Star Wars Baby!

    Published: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Bioware and those hosers at LucasArts are building a single player CRPG based on the Star Wars universe a few Millenia before Luke and the gang.

    With this and their partnership with Verant to build a MMORPG (Set in the time when the Jedi's were wiped out) looks like a year from now I will have to be pryed away from my computer with something akin to a crowbar or C4.

  • Quake3: Arena Tweak Guide

    Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Looking for framerate in Quake 3?? Check out this guide from Gamespy.

  • FLASH 5 Announced

    Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Not really any new mind blowing features but a standard set of tool bars that will be common throughout all Macromedia's software.
    Now we just need Dreamweaver 4 without those damned 'Mac-ish' controls.

  • The NVIDIA Quadro2

    Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 | By: Dennis

    NVnews has posted a review on the Quadro2 brand of chipsets from NVIDIA. You can read more about it at the site below.

  • The Platform War Comes to the Web

    Published: Saturday, July 22, 2000 | By: Dennis

    As a web developer I always got the question "will my page work in other browsers?" After looking at the source code I could quickly tell what browsers would be able to view the pages, what screen resolutions would make the page look its best, and even if it was Mac compatible.

    Here is an editorial on the subject that is quite the read.

  • DDR Memory Chipset

    Published: Sunday, July 16, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Trying to keep up with current news I found this over at SysOpt today. Personally I like things in pairs but after looking at this chipset solution I might just reconsider......Then again running dual K7's might be pretty cool. here's a clip

    "Intel has already positioned itself with the Rambus memory architecture and has shown little interest in DDR memory types. DDR capable chipsets must be developed by other manufacturers, such as VIA, SIS, and ALI. Until recently, VIA was positioned to take the lead as the first company to produce a DDR chipset, but things have changed. In December 1999, Micron took the lead with its new DDR Samurai chipset. It proved that DDR was something besides fiction, and has laid the way for future DDR implementations."

  • Tyan Tiger 133

    Published: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 | By: Dennis

    I've had my eye on this board for some time but got turned off to it due to the poor memory performance of the VIA chipset. I guess that's not really the case anymore. Too bad it won't overclock, Then again Tyan never really endorsed overclocking. Personally I still like my Tiger 100 and since it does support P3 Coppermines it can't be that bad.