After careful consideration I have decided to transfer all hardware review activities to a new domain.  I purchased in 2012 and have been working hard to build a new and improved Ninjalane on that domain.  If you are reading this you have reached one of the archived articles, news, projects and/or reviews that were left behind during the site migration. 

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    The Ninjalane Awards

    Product awards are very subjective and it is too often that reviewers are quick to apply outstanding awards to products that frankly aren't that good. Here at Ninjalane we have come up with a very clear and concise award system based on maximum star count, "5 of 5". The rating system covers but, is not limited to, product uniqueness, performance, design, documentation, and packaging.
    Furious 5 of 5
    This is the highest award given and is reserved for excellent products that do what they are advertised to do, and excel in ways that other products cannot.

    The Ninjalane staff will highly recommend this product to anyone.
    Silent 4 of 5
    This is the second highest award and is reserved for excellent products that might have missed a mark or two. These products still excel in the marketplace but seem to be missing something.

    The Ninjalane staff will still recommend these products to anyone.
    Slashing 3 of 5
    This is the third highest award and is reserved for good products that are advertised to do a certain thing but just can't seem to make it happen. These products will typically have problems with documentation, drivers or have some manufacturing or design defects out of the box. Normally they can be tweaked slightly to perform their task thus allowing them to be rated.
    Struggle 2 of 5
    This is the fourth highest award and is reserved for not so good products with serious issues that require professional help. You will not find many products at Ninjalane with this award since they will not typically be Ninjalane material. If you happen to see a product awarded a Struggle 2 of 5 there is undoubtedly some astounding feature that you just cannot live without.
    Dead 1 of 5
    Lastly the lowest of the low, the scum of the fuxX0ring earth. If you see this award, there are problems! We have reserved this award for products that have completely missed their mark and/or for companies that simply have pissed us off for some reason or another. (The Ninjalane staff will refrain from any personal vendettas and will document how and why the award was given, if the situation arises.)