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Not sure if I have ever mentioned this but, I really like the new Aorus product naming scheme.  The names are clear and indicate a level of quality that anyone can understand.  Of course, we won't mention how they were sampled from MSI and ASUS but, I can say that it worked for them and it is working for Aorus (Gigabyte)

Now, what is not working is having to flip through two pages of review documentation just to get a shot of the motherboard and in which case was not even the first photo in the review. #justsayin

And, this quote isn't really doing much fror me either.

The Z490 AORUS XTREME follows in the footsteps of other products using the XTREME moniker by offering the very best for overclockers and hardware enthusiasts. Across this motherboard there are an abundance of features regardless of which region is under consideration.

What I can say is that the Aorus X490 Xtreme is a pretty pimp motherboard with a full coverage shroud protecting our fragile eyes from the beauty, which is the PCB.  On top of that a large section if it covers the critical M.2 drive slots while the CPU and memory are left hanging in the wind for everyone to see.

I guess those RGB M.2 drives won't be much use in a build using this board. happy smile

Gotta say, I'm a fan.

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