Corsair 2500D AIRFLOW PC chassis @ Guru3D

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It has been awhile since I have said anything about Corsair.  But, you know, when you are a small player and get big overnight there is a tendency to leave certain people behind.  It is sad but, a true fact of gorilla marketing and unlimited budgets.

What I find interesting is the new Airflow chassis designs coming out of Corsair.  The original dual chamber cubes were a huge hit with case modders and system builders due to ease of installation and rather low overall height.

Well, seems they are back again, this time with even smaller cases that look too much like what everyone else is doing.

Corsair is back with a new badass chassis; this time, the Corsair 2500D AIRFLOW PC chassis is being tested. It is an innovative chassis with lots of space, hiding options, and clearances for a lot of liquid cooling. It's quite the looker as well with support for the new hidden connectors motherboards.

The important thing to mention here is that the dual chamber design is back and, with even more cable routing holes for the reverse power bracket fad.  Well, at least the case looks nice.

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