Razer Seiren v3 Chroma and Mini @ LanOC Reviews

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I have to hand it to Wes over at LanOC.  It seems they have broken the Razer code and was able to get them to ship out a review sample.

What I like about these microphones is that they appear as the industrial designer literally lifted an emoji to create this product.  This isn't a huge deal, microphone icons look like that for a reason but, when companies start copying them you know they are running out of ideas.  There is also plenty of feature copy from other, similar, microphones on the market.

It’s kind of crazy to think but the last time I had a Razer desktop microphone in for review was back in 2015 when I took a look at the Razer Seiren Pro. That wasn’t Razer’s first desktop microphone but it was part of their first generation of Seiren microphones and Razer has continued to evolve their lineup in the last 9 years. Well, today they have updated that lineup with their new Seiren v3 models. That lineup consists of two different models, the Seiren v3 Chroma and the Seiren v3 Mini. The Seiren v3 Mini is their budget-friendly option and then the Seiren v3 Chroma is the larger flashier option. Today I'm going to check out both and see what they have to offer then put them to the test to see how they sound compared to the competition. I’m excited to see how their design has changed over the years and to see how these new microphones compare to the current competition like the Yeti Orb and Yeti GX that I took a look at last fall.

If you are in the market for a new microphone and want one to satisfy your OCD need to have your graphics and hardware match then be sure to check out the review.

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