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  • DFI BloodIron G41-T33 Motherboard Review
  • DFI BloodIron G41-T33 Motherboard Review



    The one interesting thing about reviewing high-end enthusiast and gaming hardware is that you miss out on some of the great mainstream hardware offerings.  In fact enthusiast hardware makes up almost 90% of the hardware reviews you find on the Internet, and are only used by 2% of the computer community.  The other 98% either build budget systems part by part or resort to pre-built OEM style computers. 

    So what kind of hardware is there for a person building a system on a budget?

    In this review we will be looking at the DFI BloodIron G41-T33 motherboard, for those of you that didn't know the BloodIron is actually part of the LanParty series and positioned at the low end of the spectrum.  The idea behind this series is to provide the same high quality hardware found on the high end LanParty boards at a fraction of the cost and features. 

    The only downside to "mainstream" motherboards is the amount of competition there is, every motherboard maker has products positioned in this space but often use their high-end products to help sell the entire product line.
    The DFI BloodIron G41 is a MicroATX motherboard based on the Intel G41 chipset and features a sexy red PCB.  This chipset supports the Intel 775 processor platform and comes with an onboard video controler. 
    As a general rule of thumb if you are looking to build a gaming computer you want to try and avoid onboard graphics as much as possible.  However the Intel X4500 Media Accelerator found in the G41 does come with some notable features.