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  • DFI LanParty Jr P45 T2RS Motherboard Review
  • DFI LanParty Jr P45 T2RS Motherboard Review



    For the longest time the Micro ATX motherboards were regarded as an OEM option designed for desktop and mini tower applications.  In recent years the form factor has been given new life with the advent of the HTPC.  However you still find that most enthusiasts are using gaming hardware to power their home theater systems.  This seems a little strange until you consider that most powerful motherboards cannot be found in the smaller form factor. 

    Well it would seem that wait is over.

    In this review we will be looking at the new MicroATX motherboard from DFI called the P45 T2RS LanParty Jr.  This motherboard is a perfect blend between the enthusiast power we have come to expect from DFI and the practicality found in the smaller MicroATX hardware offerings.

    Here is a quick rundown of what comes with the DFI P45 T2RS LanParty Jr
    • 6 SATA ports all supporting RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and RAID 5 configurations.
    • A JMicron JMB368 PCI Express to PATA controller for IDE support.
    • Onboard is a Realtek ALC885 with 8 channel audio output including Optical and coaxial RCA S/PDIF outputs.
    • 12 USB ports, 6 on the I/O panel, and 6 more available thru motherboard headers.
    The packaging is classic DFI, with the flashy box art and bright colors it definitely gets you excited about opening it up.

    The first thing I noticed was the new Smart Connectors featured on the front of the box.  These are very handy little units allowing you too plug in the front panel accessories without fighting in the inside of a cramped case. You simply attach the leads to the adapter then slide it onto the header on the board.
    On the back of the box you will see the Northbridge and PWM coolers are connected wtth a single heatpipe.  This has been done before; however the unique part is that DFI has made the cooler two pieces.  This allows users to remove the heatsink and use a custom cooler or watercooling block without removing the heatpipe solution. The heatsink system is also very nicely done and made with high quality components.