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  • Bytecc One Button Backup (ME-808) Enclosure Review
  • Bytecc One Button Backup (ME-808) Enclosure Review



    Computers are a very simple device; it takes data, and does some processing to the information and then outputs the result to either a screen display or storage device (ie RAM memory, HDD or removable storage) Normally this process is flawless in execution however there are times when things go wrong and when disaster strikes what are you going to do?? Back in the old school Mainframe days if a system was turned off a programmer was called in to reload the OS; this was normally by hand and took quite awhile. In more recent times when a floppy disk holding an entire years worth of checking account information goes bad you'd spend the next couple days going thru old purchases to recreate the record. There is a common thread between these two scenarios and it is "what do you do in the event of a system failure?" Or in laymen's terms, "what is your backup strategy?" While most of us do not require an enterprise level backup solution it is good to know there are better ways to backup your data than to store a copy on tape or save bits of info to 1000's of floppy disks.
    In this review we will be looking at a new external drive enclosure from Bytecc designed to make backing up your entire system quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. Enter the Backup Star Instant Recovery Solution or (ME-808 for the spec nuts).
    Hardware wise the Backup Star is not much different from your standard external USB drive, the shell is made from aluminum, features fancy graphics and comes with a vertical stand.
    The Backup Star also comes with an informative users manual, specialized backup software, USB cable and universal power adaptor and by universal I do mean universal the adaptor will accept both 110V and 240V AC currents complete with interchangeable power prongs to fit the 4 major receptacles around the world. What good is a backup strategy if it fails on business trips?