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  • Foxconn A88GMX MicroATX Motherboard Review
  • Foxconn A88GMX MicroATX Motherboard Review



    When a new chipset is released there are generally two versions available, one version for desktop users, enthusiasts, and system builders, and another version for the OEM sector and special use systems.  The idea behind this is to make sure the base product, the chipset, reaches all of the market segments and maximizes profits.  So what are the basic differences?  Often times, aside from basic configuration, the deciding factor is internal graphics.  You see desktop systems are often designed to be modular and performance based, while the OEM sector is about making the system extremely compact and including everything you need without having to resort to expansion cards or additional support chips.  This saves the OEM builder money and valuable space for the end user.

    In this review we will be looking at a new MicroATX motherboard from Foxconn called the A88GMX. This board is built on the AMD 880G chipset and shares many of the same features found in the 890FX along with a small section for an integrated HD 4250 GPU.  Gamers and power enthusiasts tend to shy away from motherboards with internal GPUs; however in some situations an onboard graphics processor can be extremely helpful.
    Motherboard Specifications
    Processor: AMD Phenom II processor, Socket AM3
    Chipset: AMD? 880G + SB710
    Front Side Bus: 4.4 GT/s HyperTransport
    Memory: Dual channel DDR3 1600(oc)/1333/1066 x 4 DIMMs, Max. 16GB
    VGA on Die: Integrated ATI Radeon
    Serial ATA(SATA)/RAID:     SATAII * 5 + eSATA * 1 w / RAID 0, 1, 10
    Audio: 7.1 channel HD Audio
    LAN: Gigabit LAN
    Standards/Manageability: PCI 2.3, USB2.0, DMI 2.5
    Form Factor: Micro ATX ( 9.6" x 9.6")

    For a complete and up to date list of specifications please consult the Foxconn Channel Website