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  • Foxconn A88GMX MicroATX Motherboard Review
  • Foxconn A88GMX MicroATX Motherboard Review


    Board Layout and Features Cont.

    There are no legacy drive connections on the A88GMX so everything must conform to the SATA standard.  You will find 5 internal SATA 3 connections and a single eSATA port on the I/O panel.

    Looking at the I/O panel can tell you a lot about a motherboard.  The Foxconn A88GMX features a single PS/2 keyboard connection 6 USB plugs, eSATA and Gigabit Ethernet.  7.1 channel sound is available using the 6 auto plugs.  Onboard graphics is handled by using up to 2 of the available graphics connections.  Sadly there is no digital audio option, which would be ideal for HTPC use.
    An Integrated ATI Radeon HD4250 GPU provides the onboard graphics capability with speeds comparable to the equivalent expansion card version.
    Included Goodies
    Do not be surprised by the lack of included cables and accessories.  The purpose of this motherboard is to be inexpensive and effective.  To help get you up and running you will find 2x SATA cables and associated molex power adaptors.  A basic back plate helps to tidy up the installation.
    Foxconn user manuals have always been extremely good and this one features over a 100 pages of helpful information from board layout information to instructions on how to use some of the included software.