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  • Bytecc LanDisk Network Storage (ME-850) Enclosure Review
  • Bytecc LanDisk Network Storage (ME-850) Enclosure Review



    NAS or Network Attached Storage is essentially a hard drive attached to a network and controlled by a computer with only one task, to serve up files. In a way this is a very simple and yet effective replacement for a full sized fileserver with a few distinctive disadvantages such as speed and security.
    In this review we will be looking at the Bytecc LanDisk ME-850. This is a network attached storage device that is two servers in one. From the outside the device is very plain and simple. The LanDisk consists of a vertical drive enclosure that sits atop a small pedestal. The front panel is a smooth and translucent piece of Plexiglas with few silkscreen graphics across the front. Being that this is a network device you will find a 10/100Base-TX RJ45 connector on the back of the enclosure along with a power port, switch and sticker that shows the MAC address.
    Included with the LanDisk is a variety of parts aimed at getting things up and running very quickly. Included is a power connector, ATA ribbon cable (40 wire), network cable, manual and power adaptor.
    The next photo is a little a premature and shows the LanDisk in action, when power is applied and the system is booted up 3 of the 5 LEDs will be on all the time. During times of LAN activity or HDD access the Data and HDD lights will blink. The LAN light is basically your link status light saying there is network access, CPU tells us the system is booted up and Power, well, is simply power.