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I have said many times that the MiniITX motherboard, despite its small size and limited expandability is the future of the PC.  Nvidia has taken away multi GPU, crypto "get rich quickers" have taken away GPUs and Storage and the heat bound nature of CPUs has taken away overclocking so, what is left?

Well, the pure essence of what makes a PC, the fun factor.

The Phanteks Eclipse P200A ITX is both the smallest and most affordable product of the Eclipse line. It still features the fine metal mesh and continues to focus on steel as opposed to plastic as a material, but also has a few nifty surprises within, which one would not expect from an enclosure that costs $50 in today's tariff-burdened market.

To help contain all that fun'ness while protecting that single GPU so you can use onboard audio and proper CPU cooling you need a case that is as cool as your motherboard and Phanteks has the solution.

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