SilverStone ET500-ARGB 500W Power Supply Review @ APH Networks

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ARGB is everywhere!  We got fans, we got motherboards, we got memory modules and we got video cards and watercooling components.  However, very few companies have dared to stick an ARGB fan inside a power supply and live to tell the tale.

Until now.

The SilverStone ET500-ARGB 500W is a literally flashy power supply unit that proves its capabilities beyond just fancy looks.

When it comes to ROI on ARGB lighting the PSU seems to be pretty low on the list.  Not only does the fan opening not face the right way but venting often hides any light that might leak out.  And, while I might not find the appeal of ARGB in a PSU there are some consumers that love to check boxes when buying parts and ARGB is rather important.

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