GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS Pro Review @ Vortez

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The Alder Lake launch has been an interesting one.  When the processor dropped everyone was tripping over Ryzen to talk about why it was awesome and a day later it was like nothing had ever happened. sad smile

I blame the chip shortage and a major reduction in media samples and/or the reallocation of samples to platforms that can provide a higher ROI.  I sure hope that doesn't burn them in the long run.

In the spotlight today, we have the Z690 AORUS PRO. Designated as a mid-range model, PRO offers up a blend of top-performance features while seeking to deliver excellent results. Some of the headline features include 4x PCI Express Gen4 M.2 slots and a back panel which is peppered with USB ports – including USB 3.2 Gen2x2.

AORUS has been building some pretty amazing boards lately and the new Z690 line is really looking like a winner.

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