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I have seen a plethora of Shuttle systems in my time as a hardware reviewer and yet, never reviewed anything from the company.  I missed out on the Shuttle SFF cubes and they never made a modern motherboard (that I remember) but I would stop by their display during Computex.  So, you can say I supported their existence.

However, this XPC Slim Barebones is something else.

The DL20N series from Shuttle is an impressive jump in performance versus the older DL10J, while the choice to have installed a Pentium N6005 4-core SKU while retaining the 10W TDP is great! The whole system is passively cooled, so it is virtually noiseless if we do install only SSDs as storage devices. We have found that using the chassis horizontally is not stellar for the nearby M.2 SSD, because it tends to share a bit of heat from the Intel SoC heatsink, but in vertical position the issue is fully solved so purchasing the vertical stand is a must in our book!

It's like one of those compact PCs you get from Dell.  Super small and a great addition to any office environment and yet worthless because you cannot upgrade them.  But, the XPC is barebones meaning that to use it you MUST upgrade it.

Its perfect!

Except for the Pentium N6004 Quad Core processor.  That part kinda sucks.until you consider that the PC is mainly designed for Kiosks where you need a PC but, it needs to also be small.

Anyhow, check out the full review on the Shrimps!

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