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There was a time when I loved Antec computer cases.  They were some of the best money could buy, the styling was spot on and the construction could rival some of the greatest projects in the known world.

Sadly, things went a little sideways for Antec and when they started to lose market share we started to see the company scramble to catch up and they never quite recovered.  In my opinion their designs were either crap or worthless garbage so it makes me wonder what kind of case the Antec DF800 really is.. 

The Antec DF800 FLUX is an airflow-focused performance case with flashy RGB LED case fans. 

APH Networks has a great review of the Antec DF800 where they talk about all of the major features and try to cover the critical points that most YouTube channels are famous for.  In the end they give the chassis a decent score.

I'm not sure I would be so nice and call out the super thin metal used to build the chassis and the super lazy expansion card slot retention screws being on the OUTSIDE of the chassis.  It might be able to move air around and you might be able to build in it but this case (and others like it) are the epitome of putting lipstick on a pig, it may look good but it is still rolls in its own crap.

Be sure to check out the review for more information

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