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I remember one CES, before the global freak out due to "things" happening, where almost every vendor was selling a white box version of some pretty nice In-Ear headphones (earphones).  This was on the tails of the apple "Air Pods" that apple users loved and the rest of the world made fun of and it seemed that some "Me To" companies wanted to ride the hype train.

The only reason I remember this so fondly is because every single version was being sold as that companies "exclusive" and yet was clearly a white box since they all had the same design, same features and same color.  To make matters more interesting, NONE of the companies were offering up review samples which basically confirmed the crowdsourced lie.

 To test out the Zen Air, we did fire up some YouTube clips with music, but also vlogs and documentaries. The voices were crisp, with a good amount of bass for the small size of the drivers versus fully-fledged headphones; when listening to tracks via the dedicated SXFI App, the holography is quite amazing, because it makes you feel you are in a room with a dedicated, multi-speaker audio system and you will almost get to try and search where the sound is exactly coming from.

I am 100% certain that it is difficult to know if the Creative Zen Air True Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Active Noise Canceling are, white box earphones but, I am sure they likely sound pretty good regardless.

Check out the review if you are interested, or drop us a line if you would prefer a more personal review.

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