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  • LanParty Jr X58 T3H6 Motherboard Review
  • LanParty Jr X58 T3H6 Motherboard Review


    Board Layout and Features Cont.

    The ICH10R Southbridge is very similar to the ICH09R both in features and connectivity.  Near the Southbridge you’ll find the JMicron controlled PATA connector, 6 SATA ports, and onboard USB 2.0.
    EZ power and reset switches have been a stable on LanParty boards since the beginning, so far only their position has changed over the years.  Next to the power and reset you’ll find the Debug LED and CMOS battery.

    The actual BIOS chip is contained in the fancy black thing near the first PCIe 16x slot, if you ever need to hot-flash the system this is where you’ll go.  Unfortunately finding a spare chip to boot this board will be somewhat difficult.

    The PWM is a 6 phase unit that by the appearance of caps and coils appears to be of the analog variety while the user’s manual claims this to be a digital unit.  Other high end boards like the Bloodrage feature a similar setup so this is likely a change from the familiar IC digital PWM we’re accustomed to seeing.
    The ATX Connector is typical of a LanParty motherboard and features classic PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors, digital audio over optical and RCA, 6 USB ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet, and 6 analog audio ports for full surround sound.  To get a little extra cooling area the PWM heatsink extends over the connectors but is otherwise out of the way.