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  • LanParty Jr X58 T3H6 Motherboard Review
  • LanParty Jr X58 T3H6 Motherboard Review



    In terms of MicroATX motherboards the LanParty Jr X58-T3H6 is clearly one of the most powerful on the market.  The BIOS is powerful and very similar to the LT high-end LanParty boards and clearly overclocking is almost flawless.  Combine that with chipset support for MultiGPU SLI or Crossfire and you have one powerful gaming rig that will fit into the smallest of cases.

    The only downside to such power in a small space is heat; The Core i7 is well documented at pumping out some extreme BTUs and under the stresses of overclocking the PWM heats up to often match the CPU temperature.  Watercooling is a good solution for any Core i7 project however if you go this route active cooling is strongly encouraged to keep the motherboard components cool. 

    A specific future for the LanParty Jr is uncertain but we personally feel there is an untapped market for the MicroATX form factor and we hope to see more items like this in the near future.
    Glam Photos
    As with all of our LanParty motherboard reviews we have a grip of glamour photos of the X58-T3H6 under the purple glow of UV.
    Also be sure to also check out our fancy LanParty X58 wallpapers located in the Ninjalane Message Forum

    - LanParty X58 Wallpapers - Under the Black Light (UV)
    - LanParty X58 Wallpapers - Glam Style

    These wallpapers are free for personal use, our only request is that if you post them on another site to please give us a link back.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    MicroATX motherboard form factor
    MultiGPU support SLI and Crossfire
    Core i7 on an itty bitty motherboard
    Classic UV reactive expansion slots
    Digital Audio
    Great overclocking tools
    ABS Software for BIOS setting exports
    Bad Things
    Onboard cooling option needs an active cooler
    Extra slots become covered in MultiGPU mode
    Small motherboards don't fit into standard cases very well
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank DFI Inc. for helping to make this review possible.