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  • MSI GTX550 Ti Cyclone OC Video Card Review
  • MSI GTX550 Ti Cyclone OC Video Card Review



    After reviewing a few different GTX550 Ti graphic cards it does start to lose its flavor, especially when the results can be so similar. So it is a major relief to get a refreshing view of a reference card from MSI. They beefed the GTX 550 Ti up with every intention of making it a great overclocker with incredible cooling. Adding a passive heatsink to the voltage regulators helps to reinforce that message and shows dedication for the longevity of the card from MSI.

    The intention of the MSI GTX550-Ti Cyclone was to create a superior gaming card but the card is not the only thing that makes the product.  MSI has been focusing on overclocking for a while and their dedication to keeping the Afterburner package up to date is a testament to that.  Of course you can use Afterburner with any video card but as we have seen you are able to do more with MSI branded cards such as voltage adjustments, stability testing and other optimizations.

    In the end MSI has made one of the best GTX550 Ti cards on the market with only one small problem and it is the large heatsink that might not fit all cases.  While this factor needs to be considered before investing in the GTX550-Ti Cyclone it should be an easy decision to make.  Other than that this is one of the best GTX550 Ti we have some across so far at the Ninjalane labs, and we highly recommend it to gamer and enthusiasts alike.
    Good Things
    Incredible cooling solution
    Stronger stabile overclocks
    Better quality VRM area
    Very quiet cooling solution
    Better gaming performance over reference clocks
    Bad Things
    Heatsink beyond normal ATX specs
    Heat dumped into case
    Ninjalane Rating
    MSI GTX550 Ti Cyclone OC Video Card Review

    Furious 5 of 5