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  • Gainward Ultra 760XP GeForce FX 5600 Ultra Video Card Review
  • Gainward Ultra 760XP GeForce FX 5600 Ultra Video Card Review



    Currently there are 3 basic chips in the GeForce FX product line, The FX5900, FX5600 and FX5200. Each GPU also comes in an Ultra configuration that, for the most part, provides better overall performance. Part of this gain is due to the higher core and memory clock but often times the card manufacturer will use higher quality parts to further enhance overclockability and performance.
    For this review we have a Gainward Ultra 760XP built with a nVidia GeForce FX5600 Ultra chip. The FX5600 is the mid market GPU and is actually quite flexible when it comes to what the manufacturer can offer. As of this writing Gainward has 6 products using the FX5600 processor. Two are using the Ultra GPU with 128megs of video memory. Two are using the non-ultra FX5600 with 128megs of ram.
    The last two are a little special in that they feature the non-ultra FX5600 with 256megs of ram. Gainward has called these last two products "Professional" cards due to the increased memory storage. The "Golden Sample" edition cards are only offered on models with 128megs of memory with one being the Ultra card featured in this review.
    The FX5600 processor features a 400Mhz RAMDAC, support for up to 256megs of memory with a 128-bit memory interface. The core and memory clock are about the same as the 5900 Ultra though due to the smaller memory pipe we can expect the overall performance to be half that of the 5900.
    Here is the Ultra 760XP from Gainward. The board features a signature red PCB, and 128megs of memory. This video card is quite a bit different from the other Gainward FX5600 cards in that this one comes equipped with super fast TinyBGA memory and the fancy cooling gear.