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  • Gainward Ultra 760XP GeForce FX 5600 Ultra Video Card Review
  • Gainward Ultra 760XP GeForce FX 5600 Ultra Video Card Review


    Serious Sam Second Encounter

    Serious Sam is a great FPS game that brings back many things that made FPS fun, TONS of things to shoot!!. Even with conservative settings this DirectX 8 game can tax even the fastest of computers.

    The scores shown are with the "Extreme Quality" feature turned on and resolutions adjusted within the game. If you'd like to do your own Serious Sam demo benchmark bring down the console and type "dem_bProfile=1" (w/out quotes), exit the console then choose a demo from the main menu. When the demo is complete pull down the console again to see your score.
    Notice how the framerates do not really differ that much between cards and even between normal and AA/AF framerates.