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  • Leadtek WinFast PX8400 GS TDH Silent Review
  • Leadtek WinFast PX8400 GS TDH Silent Review


    Card Layout and Features

    Leadtek was nice enough to send over one of their newest products the PX8400GS TDH for review. On the surface this card looks and works like any other nVidia 8400GS video card with the addition of a completely passive cooling method instead of the standard heatsink and fan combo. As you can imagine the heatsink is quite large but also very light so there is no danger of structural card failure due to excessive heatsink weight. wink smile
    Looking around the card we see that the DDR2 memory chips are supplied by Hynix and appear to be 512 Mbit parts with an access time of 2.5 ns running at 400 MHz
    This card comes with several HD decoding options and to output these signals you'll need to use the DVI connector. Much to our surprise this card also comes with an analog S-Video connection instead of HDMI. The advantage here is flexibility however, when was the last time you actually used your onboard S-Video connection and had it work properly?

    In terms of an available HDMI connection the DVI connector is basically the same thing but will require an adaptor if you system doesn't support it. You won't get audio over HDMI using an adaptor but to be honest we find optical audio be better and more versatile.

    The D-SUB connector is actually connected via a ribbon cable; we suspect this is so you can give the card a lower vertical profile.  However this is likely from an attempt to simply board design and lower costs.