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Oh no, not another Corsair Memory launch!

Today Corsair is launching a new stunning white and gold edition of their Dominator Platinum RGB memory, which has previously only been available in black. Specced at 4000 MHz, this high-end DDR4 memory kit should be a top performer on Intel. How will it fair with AMD? Lets find out!

So the interesting thing about Dominator memory is that it is supposed to be good.  I am running a pair in the Hardware Asylum Podcast machine and have used them off and on since they were first released in ther Triple Channel days.

While the familar cooling fins have stuck around I have to admit that I'm not a fan of the module design.  Its like they went all "We gotta be apple Mac up in this beyouch" but, then forgot how to do that.

And, what is the deal with 4000Mhz memory?  its like we are making AMD Ryzen memory (Cause Ryzen is sooooo hot right now) but then forget that 3600Mhz is kinda the max if you want to run 1:1.  Maybe it is one of those +50W extra that TT adds to their PSUs to make seem better than everyone else.

Anyhow, check out the review or something. happy smile

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