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Cooling trends with desktop computers hasn't changed much in the past 10+ years.  We have aircooling for low-end computers where CPU and GPU heat is actually managable.  Once you move into the mid-range we start to see AIO watercooling take over along with the emergence of the budget hardware enthusiast and their quest to min/max their performance.

This is where the DIY watercooling loops start to take over and continue into the high-end.  There was a time when the performance if your CPU and GPU waterblocks actually mattered however, these days the microfin and pingrid arrays have leveled the playing field.

Phanteks updates its CPU water block line with the new Glacier C370 series. Today we examine the Intel-specific C370I that comes in black or white color options, uses an acrylic top with integrated LEDs for aesthetics, and a nickel-plated cold plate with tall fins to allow for a good balance of cost, flow restriction, and thermal performance.

If you are looking for a "name brand" Intel specific CPU waterblock with some RGB lights you might want to check out the Phanteks C370.  As the name suggests this "SHOULD" be for the Intel Socket 370 but, it seems that was before the time of Phanteks, and likely their primary consumer market.

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