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  • Gigabyte GeForce GTX 470 Super Overclocked Edition Video Card Review
  • Gigabyte GeForce GTX 470 Super Overclocked Edition Video Card Review


    Gigabyte Super OverClock Edition Features

    Ultra Durable is a design idea aimed at improving the basics of video card design by using some of the best components available.  Gigabyte has created some of the best graphic cards using this program which speak to both the longevity and overclocking ability of the product.

    On the Super OverClock Edition they have pushed a few more steps forward with Ultra Durable VGA+ which adds even better components to the design.  The new features include Proadizer film capacitors, 2 oz of copper PCB, Japanese Solid Capacitors, Ferrite core/Metal Chokes, and Low RDS Mosfets.

    The main drive behind using these components is to extend the life of the product and save both the consumer and mfg money by spending a little more on quality components. 
    Moving on into the next important step of making the Super OverClock Edition is the cherry picking process. That is right, Gigabyte goes and cherry picks the best processors to be placed on this blue PCB. These chips are not all about which one can overclock the most but are measured on clock speed limits, voltage requirements and total heat output. This makes a balanced GPU for low power usage and low heat production with incredible performance.
    OC Guru
    This leads us to the software used for tuning the GTX 470 SOC called OC Guru. This software will not only allow for overclocking the card, but also underclock the card to save power and reduce the total heat load.
    There are five profiles to choose from with three of them preset for Gaming, Standard, and Power saving settings.  The last two profiles are custom and will allow for overclocking clockspeed, voltage, and even fan speed.

    One of the most unique portions of this utility is the ability to see how much power you GPU have consumed over the total power saved.