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    Tinting Window

    Many people don't look hard enough when finding case mod supplies. Here we have a piece of Lexan and some 35% window tint film from the local Auto Supply store. Once again to keep with the theme and to further enhance the bunny I choose to darken the window. Besides that how often do you see a clear PlayboyTM Bunny.
    Applying window tint is real easy. The film isn't unlike a sticker, one side is sticky and the other isn't. To ensure that the tint will be bubble free you need a way to keep it from sticking until you want it to. For this it is standard practice to use soapy water.
    Spray the water on the glass and on the sticky part of the tint. Then place the film down, align it the way you want and squeegee out the bubbles and water. You will need to apply some pressure here. When done simply let it dry.