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  • ShegoServer - The Green Watercooled Machine
  • ShegoServer - The Green Watercooled Machine


    Day 9 - Assembly

    Not what everything is painted there is no harm is putting everything back together. The only panel that needed to be riveted in place was the top panel though only after installing the radiator (which was also riveted in place).
    Here is a couple of shows of the Fass-O-Matic tank installed and ready to go. Sadly if the PSU ever needs to be replaced the reservoir will have to be removed so there is enough clearance.
    The pump is located at the bottom of the case right below the hard drive cage. The pump is actually rubber mounted using a grommet kit provided by Innovatek.
    The last photo is an attempt to show you the finish the two colors of green produce when mixed. You can see from the photos above that the color is different but not so much that it clashes with everything, just enough to stand out.