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  • ShegoServer - The Green Watercooled Machine



    The motherboard featured in this mod (Abit IS7) actually had to be replaced shortly after the photos were taken, it would seem that my loop mod either fried the chipset or caused a short circuit on the board as it only worked for about 12 hours before locking up and never coming back. So the Ninjalane archives were raided once again for an appropriate replacement. In this case a DFI Lanparty PRO875 Canterwood was called into service. Sadly this board only comes with 2 chipset mounting loops so after some prep and planning two loops were made from paperclips, tinned with solder, and installed into the existing holes on the motherboard. The process was flawless at first go and the system has been running strong ever since. If you ever attempt this sort of modification keep in mind that the loops need to be the same height as the existing ones to ensure that the chipset block has good contact.
    Here is a breakdown of what we
    Generic Case from (same case used in the Playtime mod, and Recycled Mod)
    LanParty PRO875 Canterwood motherboard
    Hercules Kyro II Video card
    2x Maxtor D740X 40gig HDD RAID 0
    Antec 430Watt PSU
    2x 80mm Antec Tri-Color fans (green) set on the lowest setting
    120mm Antec Tri-Color Fan (green) set on the lowest setting
    Innovatek Watercooling Kit, (old first gen Block, Res, Pump)
    2x Graph-O-Matic Rev3 chipset blocks
    Fass-O-Matic Tank
    Expansion Slot AC Relay Switch