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  • ShegoServer - The Green Watercooled Machine


    Day 5 - Front Bezel Mods

    I never liked the front controls on this particular case so I decided to remove them. Being that this was to be a server there is no need to have a floppy drive, and power and reset switches as they can be placed just about anywhere.
    To fill in the holes I'm going to use a little bit of fiberglass and resin, personally I like working with fiberglass as it's a great medium for custom shapes. The only draw back is that to do anything complex you need to build a mold. For this project all I needed to do was fill the voids with some plastic so the fiberglass has something to shape to while it cures. After everything has cured the filler could be removed.
    Since the top 2 drive bays are usable I decided to fiberglass the two panels together. The only requirement was a flat and slightly rough surface so the fiberglass had something to stick to.
    Applying fiberglass is not difficult though can be quite messy. The trick here is to have latex gloves handy, and pre-cut all of your fiberglass pieces. You can then mix up your resin and apply everything in stages. I typically use Popsicle sticks to apply and position the fiberglass pieces so I don't get any resin on my gloves.