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  • Cooler Master Storm Scout Case Review
  • Cooler Master Storm Scout Case Review



    The CM Storm Scout is a great case in many different ways. The Front I/O panel is a great touch with lots of accessible connections. The Scout is a smaller case making it much easier to transport.  The handles are very sturdy and perfect for quick moving action and convenience.  We also found the ability to secure your peripherals from sticky fingers as another huge plus. The case is almost completely tool less so you won't be hard pressed to find any tools if something needs to be swapped out in a pinch.

    We mentioned that you get 3 fans with the Storm Scout which is just perfect for the size.  2 of these fans feature LED lights that can be turned off for Ninja like stealth when gaming or in the office after the LAN.

    In terms of modding you will be hard pressed to find anything that requires a change.  Of course the modding community may disagree, but seriously all of the typical things we change when modding have already been done. 

    The CM Storm Scout is not without faults, some could be fixed rather easy while others might be a little more difficult.  One issue we ran into was a short 8-pin CPU Connector.  These 8-pin cables are typically the same length as the main ATX power connector but usually get routed to different locations on the motherboard.  In our case the cable was too short to reach the socket without crossing over the motherboard.  Another item that has not been addressed, but I know people are wondering about it is water cooling.  Air-cooling is awesome on the Scout, but water-cooling is something enthusiasts strive for and does not appear to be allowed for in the Storm Scout design.
    Good Things
    Very well laid out smaller case
    Quick and easy tool less solutions
    Great air-cooling system
    All black interior and exterior
    Sturdy handle for fast mobilization
    Locking mechanism for keeping peripherals safe
    Easy to access Front I/O panel
    Easy cable management system
    Bad Things
    Needs an 8-pin CPU connector extension
    Tight space for larger Power Supply Units
    Very challenging for modding and water-cooling enthusiasts
    Ninjalane Rating