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  • QNAP TS-209 Pro II Turbo NAS Review
  • QNAP TS-209 Pro II Turbo NAS Review


    Product Design and Features

    TS-209 Pro II Turbo NAS is a small tower form factor that basically holds two hot-swap hard drives and a circuit board.  The exterior features a dark gray finish with a very sexy black front panel. In terms of style this NAS can easily sit on a shelf and complement an decor.
    Along the back moving from left to right you will find the following connections.  Power, Gigabit NIC, and 2 USB connections.  Right above the USB sits an 80mm variable speed fan that does a great job at keeping things cool.
    On the front you will find the power button (along the left),  Status and power LEDs in the middle.  Along the right you will find a single USB 2.0 port and convent copy button that is used to duplicate data from your USB devices to the NAS.
    To access the goodies inside you’ll need to remove the 4 outer thumb screws and remove the front panel.  Inside you will find 2 hot swap drive bays that hold full sized 3.5” HDDs.  Each tray is held into play by 2 thumb screws; however people with larger fingers may want to use a screwdriver.

    The hard drive trays, along with the case, are made of high quality folded metal that is not only extremely strong but also rather heavy.  Much like a quality PC case strong metal and proper assembly go a long way and the TS-209 Pro II Turbo NAS is built to last.