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  • Introducing the Multi-GPU Index


    Gigabyte GA-890FX-UD5

    Multi-GPU Scorecard
    Index:  4.75
    Optimized: 2x
    Max Support: 4x
    While not as popular in the enthusiast circles as the Intel Core processors, the AMD Phenom is still quite powerful and does well with multiple GPUs installed.  The AMD 890FX chipset is designed for the gaming and enthusiast market by focusing on features like CrossFireX, gaming and overclocking.  The 890FX is also the first desktop chipset to provide SATA 6.0 in the Southbridge chip.
    There are a total of six PCI Express slots on this motherboard, four of which can support full length video cards.  Slot two is hardwired to full bandwidth with 16x lanes available.  Slots four and six share bandwidth, with slot four having full bandwidth if slot six is empty.  The overall layout indicates that this board is configured for triple card configurations although only optimized for dual.  This board can support quadfire across four Radeon video cards if you run single slot coolers.