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  • Palit GeForce GTS 250 Video Card Review
  • Palit GeForce GTS 250 Video Card Review


    Card Layout and Features Cont.

    There was a time when running two cards hooked together in SLI was all the rage.  Then NVidia came up with another cool idea, why not allow for (n) number of cards to be linked in SLI?  At first this option was only offered to the high-end card lines thus making it somewhat of a luxury reserved, both in price and performance. 
    With the Palit GTS 250 being more in the mid-range we were surprised to see ability to link three in a SLI configuration.  So it would seem that NVidia has listened to their customers and is now giving Tri-SLI to the common man.

    The cake is not a lie!, Let them eat cake!
    The Palit GTS 250 is using the reference dual slot cooler that was first introduced with the 8800GTS 512 cards. This cooling system is very effective and removing heat and not making a ton of noise. The cooling system also promotes overall system cooling by exhausting the heat from the GTS 250 outside the computer case.
    The fan is a variation of the popular squirrel cage fan that is slightly larger than most graphic card coolers in this price range. The angle of the fan helps to promote better cooling in an SLI setups thus allowing it to breathe from above and below the visible fan.
    This cooler has the benefit of running the entire length of the GTS 250 and keeps your fingers away from the delicate parts under the cooler. Under the shroud you will find several heatpipes and aluminum fin radiators to keep the GTS 250 running cool and happens to be one of the best OEM graphics card heatsinks to date.
    Here is the back of the Palit GTS 250 showing off the strong and secure way the cooler is screwed onto the GTS 250. The other nice thing is how easy it is to remove the heatsink by removing the screws and replacing it with an aftermarket cooler. Now, this is not recommended by Palit, and more than likely will void your warranty, but what you do with your own products is your own business.