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  • Palit GeForce GTS 250 Video Card Review
  • Palit GeForce GTS 250 Video Card Review



    Like all good things the review is coming to an end. The GeForce GTS 250 is going to be released in two flavors the 512MB and the 1GB versions. The 512MB version will be priced at around $129, with the 1GB version slightly higher at $149.  At this price a rebadged GeForce 9800GTX+ with better clock speeds and an extra 512MB of RAM is not too bad.

    The Palit GTS 250 reviewed today also has some additional benefits.  It can be put into an SLI with a 9800GTX+ with matching RAM sizes. Moving the naming scheme from the 9800GTX+ to the current GTS 250 is a great idea as that brings less confusion to the market place. The GTS 250 is able to play most games of today with high resolutions with incredible ease, and the additional 512MB of Ram allows for more room when it comes to Anti-Aliasing in games.

    NVidia did not just give us a one trick pony though. They are converting the GPU into a much bigger part of the computer scene. The Palit GTS 250 comes with the ability to convert video files, and even do up-scaling of movies on the fly with the proper software. This is all done without the CPU taking much of a hit since the GPU is doing most of the work.

    PhysX has been a buzz word and a much under estimated feature for a while now. With NVidia spearheading this technology it will only be getting bigger and better. Adding a more realistic feel to games with real moving fabrics, objects moving with wind to walls breaking in a more realistic way is a step in the right direction. PhysX is here to stay and it is only going to enrich the gaming experience down the road.

    The only thing that is a sore spot for the Palit GTS 250 is that it didn't bring anything more to the table than being a slightly better version of the 9800GTX+. Not that the Palit GTS 250 needs to be besting the GeForce GTX260, but with a new card you hope to see more "WOW" and "AWES". Still at the end of the day it is what the card can give the end user for gaming experience for the price that is important. The Palit GTS 250 having a price that is sometimes lower than the Radeon 4850 and besting the Radeon 4850 in most games is a great place to be.
    Good Things
    Price of $129 for the 512MB version and $149 for the 1GB version
    Plays most of the newest games with high setting and high resolutions
    Able to be put into an SLI setup with an existing 9800GTX+ with similar RAM sizes
    Great low noise cooling system
    PhysX and more great software on the way with CUDA
    Tri-SLI ready 
    Bad Things
    Still the same old GeForce 9800GTX+ with a speed bump and memory
    Many of the useful CUDA programs are not bundled with the GTS 250
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